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Latest Medical Research Pinpoints How the Ancient Soap of Hawaiian Kings Revitalizes Skin, Restores Hair & Returns Youthful Glow Overnight

For thousands of years, Hawaiian men and women have been famed for their radiant skin and hair -- even though they are exposed to daily sun, wind and salt water. How is it possible? More than anything else, coconut oil has been the one miracle ingredient for keeping their skin soft, smooth, blemish-free and yes, BEAUTIFUL -- even as they age. What's the science behind the legendary beauty of the Hawaiian people.

The NYU Langone Medical Center reports: "Although consuming coconut oil may not yield health benefits, topical application has been shown to improve skin and hair conditions." Even for chronic skin conditions such as xerosis, dermatitis and scabies, coconut oil has proven in double-blind controlled studies to be safe and effective. What's more, the high lauric acid content found coconut oil helps promote wound healing.

Pure coconut oil is the best natural skin-healing ingredient you can ever use. It not only thoroughly cleanses, but also softens your skin, protects it against free radical damage, promotes healing and gives your skin a vibrant, healthy and youthful appearance. And researchers believe that because certain properties in coconut oil resemble hair protein, it has the unique ability to penetrate deep into hair shafts and promote new hair growth.

Your health starts with your skin. Your skin is your largest organ and 60% of the substances you put on it can be absorbed into your bloodstream through micro-abrasions. This semi-permeable membrane allows you to absorb critical vitamins and minerals, but sadly, it also absorbs harmful chemicals you put on it. The chemicals found in common soaps can disrupt your hormones... cause allergies... interfere with reproductive issues and increase the risk of some cancers. The common chemicals used in many commerial soaps are triclosan, dioxane, sodium laurel sulfate, parabens and even formaldehyde. Even most luxury bath soaps are loaded with toxic chemicals that can dry and damage your skin or worse.

By age thirty-five, your skin starts to lose its natural oil and moisture and starts the aging process of gaining lines that eventually turn into wrinkles. What's more, 99% of all commercial bath soaps contain toxic chemicals that accelerate this aging process. Think about it. Every single day, tens of millions of Americans are washing their bodies with soap that contains toxic chemicals. This adds up over a lifetime to threaten and undermine your health that starts with your skin. With minimal government testing on these chemicals, it becomes up to you, as a smart consumer, to make informed decisions as to what does and doesn’t go on your skin.

Now, regardless of your age or current physical condition, you can improve your overall health by choosing the highest-quality, chemical-free, luxurious soap. Make the switch and you can say goodbye to rough, flaky, old-looking skin because now -- for the first time -- makana has re-created the original, organic coconut oil soap used for thousands of years by the ancient Hawaiian kings and queens. Make the switch and both your skin and your body will be thanking you. Make the switch and let the goodness and vitality of tropical coconut oil relax your tension away as you cleanse and refresh with our 100% plant-based soap based on an ancient Hawaiian formula.

Men and women with a variety of troubling skin problems have now experienced remarkable results from using our Makana Naturals soap. Most people who have tried it -- risk free -- won't use anything else, ever.